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Desiree Sabo

Desiree entered the field of real estate following an impressive career in the fitness industry, beginning part-time at the age of 18 and ultimately rising to the position of Vice President of Operations. From hosting fundraisers and negotiating contracts to opening new locations, her diverse time in the fitness industry provided critical, hands-on training that directly applies to her work in real estate today. 

A customer service expert with a thorough knowledge of marketing and sales, Desiree is equally equipped to work with investors, first-time home buyers, and seasoned home buyers. For Desiree, it is a pleasure to work with people from every walk of life, learning their stories and unique reasons for purchasing a home. The driving force behind her work is her genuine affinity for working with people and helping them achieve their goals. Her success can be attributed to her focus on ethical business practices and her commitment to providing her clients with open, honest communication. Desiree is also an architecture and interior design enthusiast, a passion that frequently integrates with her work as a REALTOR®.

Originally from Connecticut and a graduate of Central Connecticut State University, Desiree now resides in Wilmington with her husband, whom she met in college, and their two daughters. Desiree is also an international jiu-jitsu champion and regularly participates in “Tap Cancer Out,” a global charity tournament that directly funds cancer research. Through her work with numerous charitable organizations in the past 10 years, Desiree has raised over $30,000. In addition to cancer research, some of the causes that are most important to her include multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s. 

Beyond her volunteer work, spending time with her family, training, and relaxing on the beach are among Desiree’s favorite pastimes. When asked about what she enjoys about Wilmington, Desiree unequivocally cites the coastal lifestyle and the warm, compassionate people who reside here. Connect with Desiree Sabo today to leverage her diverse work experience for your benefit!